Zeynep Ucbasaran, concert pianist
Santa Barbara, California

What the critics are saying

Virtuoso Schubert Album  and pianist ZEYNEP Ucbasaran

 "In each of the four movements of the mighty A major sonata she establishes a tempo which allows the music to expand and express itself simply and strongly; nothing is exaggerated or pulled out of shape. I would single out the finale in particular as a piece of supremely musical playing; it just flows naturally from her fingers..This is a finely conceived, thoroughly Schubertian-sounding performance which rises to an exceptionally good finale,  and the "Wanderer" is perhaps finer still..The recording is rich and full-toned and, as in her Liszt album, Ucbasaran provides notes that are clear and go straight to the point. In an age where you can easily pass for an "original" interpreter by disrupting the musical line and bringing out "different" inner voices, I can only salute pure musicianship such as Ucbasaran’s which puts itself at the service of the composer; this is the sort of art which is likely to grow while other supposed phenomena blaze and fall by the wayside. I suspect we will gradually hear more and more from this pianist."
                                                                               Christopher Howell, MusicWeb, London
"The Turkish pianist gives us objective performances of clarity, sharp detail, rhythmic vitality, and integrity. She is obviously a player for whom outward brilliance and virtuoso display are of secondary importance, markedly sublimated to purely musical values. Her liner notes are concise and informative, and her CD has been carefully produced and engineered, though the sound is on the dry side. Gustav Klimt's  beautiful painting of Schubert at the piano appears in the brochure.. In overall evaluation, I would place this release on a par with the recordings of Schubert's A-major Sonata by Jando and Andsnes reviewed in the last ARG. I am happy to have this recording in my collection.."
David Mulbury, American Record Guide
"Zeynep Ucbasaran's playing of Schubert's A Major sonata and "Wanderer" Fantasy is very persuasive. Although the playing is not overly nuanced, her remarkable rhythmic steadiness keeps the music moving forward impressively, and is neither stilted nor breathless."
 "In this rewarding CD recorded at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, California, she plays two works by Franz Schubert: his profound and noble Sonata in A major and the visionary Wanderer-Fantasy. Both pieces are awe-inspiring in their scope and demanding for the performer but Zeynep Ucbasaran plays superbly and intelligently throughout.."
John Pitt, New Classics, UK
"Recording the large-scale Schubert piano works is a challenge. The music does not respond fully without a performance vibrating to its depths in gathering up the scintillating decoration of Schubert's style without undue exaggeration, yet with a perspective that is both stable and credible. Only occasionally do I consider Zeynep's playing a touch less convincing than  expected, but there is plenty of insight with which to draw the music together and to maintain a sense of propulsion. We have here the Wanderer Fantasy and the Sonata in A -- a very fair choice of Schubert at his best, and even today gripping us with its sustained quality." 
                                      Basil Ramsey, Music & Vision, UK
"This disc shows off the versatility of Turkish pianist Zeynep Ucbasaran...She takes on the most Apollinian of Schubert's three late (1828) piano sonatas, the A Major, whose second movement Andantino features some haunting writing melodically and polyphonically, with a kind of ferocious homage a Bach. She keeps a light hand on the proceedings, emphasizing the lyrical energies in this monumental piece. I found myself much admiring her technique, often forgetting about the import of the music.."
Gary Lemco,  Audiophile Audition